HAAPC Announces Production Winners for 2016

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 HAAPC Announces Production Winners for 2016

On March 9, 2017 the Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants (HAAPC) recognized the achievements of their members by hosting the 35th Annual Awards Program. HAAPC is a professional trade association dedicated to promoting high standards in business practices and state of the art educational programs for members of the staffing and recruiting industry. Held at The Junior League of Houston and emceed by Greg Doersching, the Annual Awards program announces and celebrates the production winners of HAAPC members within various categories. Congratulations!


Outstanding Contribution to the Industry
Cindy Jennings – Carlton Staffing

Outstanding Contribution to the Association
Gary Wood – United Global Solutions

Lifetime Member
Judy Collins – Evergreen Contract Resources
James Del Monte – JDA Professional Services, Inc.

Community Service Award
Mark Dremely – Richard Wayne & Roberts


Contract/Temporary Placement-Light Industrial Team Award
1st PLACE =   Burnett Specialists, Alcon Team*
Lindsey Rodriguez - Rebeca Diaz - Kristen Ivey – Michelle Loftis – Leah Neal

2nd PLACE =  Burnett Specialists, Southeast Division
Lauren Byars – Heidi Roe

Contract/Temporary Placement-Administrative Support Team Award
1st PLACE =   Burnett Specialists, Teleskills Division*
Elpida Routsas - Krista Clements

2nd PLACE =  Burnett Specialists, Northwest Division*
Patsy Ford – Patti Villarreal

Contract/Temporary Placement-Technical/Professional Team Award
1st PLACE =   Nearterm Corporation**
Gayle Tapps - Jimmy Higgins  - Matt Watson - Melinda Williamson

2ND PLACE = Hire Technology*
Janet Clark – Nicole Tripp

3RD PLACE = UltraStaff*
Jolyn Scheirman – Kelly Holter – Brenda Rodriguez – Eloisa Rodriguez

Outstanding Achievement = Professional Alternatives – Credit and Risk Group
James Criswell Chris Lyons

 Contract/Temporary Placement-Light Industrial Individual Award

1ST PLACE = Carlton Staffing
Katie Sechrist**

2ND PLACE = Carlton Staffing
Sara Lozano**

Contract/Temporary Placement-Technical/Professional Individual Award

1ST PLACE = Professional Alternatives
James Criswell*


Blended Services-Light Industrial Division-Team Awards
1ST PLACE= Carlton Staffing – Southwest*
Beth Hammond – Candace Gaskin – Sara Lozano – Katie Sechrist

2nd PLACE= Carlton Staffing – Southeast
Brittany Deluna – Nikki Leal – Chris Lowry – Felicia Ruiz

Blended Services-Administrative Support-Team Award
1st PLACE =   Burnett Specialists, Greenway/Downtown*
Toni Altom – Jennifer Chu – Ashlynn Henry – Michelle Waldron

2nd PLACE = Burnett Specialists – Woodlands*
Natacha Corley – Hope Simmons

3rd PLACE =  Professional Alternatives - Professional Search Group
Ashley Haynes – Christine Norris - Sue Bragg

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT 2015 = Carlton Staffing – Inner Loop
Beth Hammond – Chelsea Lavoie – Jacob Ray

Blended Services-Technical/Professional-Team Awards

1st PLACE =   Burnett Specialists – Accounting*
Krystal Brod – Nicole Stoker

2nd PLACE =  Physician Resources, Inc.*
Rebecca Orzabal - Angela Garcia - Consuelo Franklin - Catherine Selvaggi - Bronti Phillips

3rd PLACE =  Employer Flexible – Managed Recruitment Solutions
Bonnye Kirk – Rina Garza

Blended Services-Administrative Support-Individual Awards

1st PLACE =   Professional Alternatives
Christine Norris*

2nd PLACE = Professional Alternative
Joanne Gierspeck*

Blended Services-Technical/Professional-Individual Awards

1st PLACE =  Shelley Ray – Burnett Specialists*
2nd PLACE = Bonnye Kirk – Employer Flexible*
3rd PLACE = Terry Fisher – Burnett Specialists*
4th PLACE = Sarah Terry – Burnett Specialists*
5th PLACE = Mark Walton – Walton Henry Group LLC*
6th PLACE = Kevin Gwinn – Burnett Specialists*
7th PLACE = Molly Gutierrez– Burnett Specialists
8th PLACE = Rina Garza – Employer Flexible
9th PLACE = Amanda McNeil – Burnett Specialists
10th PLACE = Caitlin Tesoriero – Burnett Specialists
11th PLACE = Ashley Olivas – Burnett Specialists


Direct Hire - Administrative Support

1st PLACE =  Charise Spedale – Burnett Specialists*
2nd PLACE =  Meredith Clem – Burnett Specialists*
3rd PLACE =  Brandy Lowrey – Burnett Specialists*
4th PLACE = Elithia Marshi – MK Personnel
5th PLACE = Susan Stone –  Burnett Specialists
6th PLACE = Ashley Golden - Burnett Specialists
7th PLACE = Evelyn Burnett – MK Personnel
8th PLACE = Christina Gomez –  Burnett Specialists
9th PLACE = Stephanie King – MK Personnel
10th PLACE = April McDonald – Burnett Specialists
11th PLACE = Shannon Holloman – Burnett Specialists
12th PLACE = Christina Olsen –  Burnett Specialists

Direct Hire - Technical/Professional

1st PLACE =   Jeff Mason – Professional Alternatives***
2nd PLACE =  Nicole Self - Richard, Wayne & Roberts**
3rd PLACE =   Paul Johnson – TAGE, LP**
4th PLACE =   Eric Holzer - Richard, Wayne & Roberts**
5th PLACE =   Vickie Nelson – AGES.L.P. *
6th PLACE =   Mark Dremely - Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
7th PLACE =   Truett Allen - Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
8th PLACE =   Tania Killebrew - Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
9th PLACE =   Amy Adams - Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
10th PLACE =  Kurt Dawson - Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
11th PLACE =  Alexis Rogers– Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
12th PLACE =  Ken McQueen – Richard, Wayne & Roberts* 
13th PLACE =  Eileen Cagle – Qualitec*
14th PLACE =  Blake Pellerin - Carltech*
15th PLACE =  Stacie Beaujeaux – Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
16th PLACE =  Neshia Plair – Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
17th PLACE =  Kyle Williams – Richard, Wayne & Roberts*
18th PLACE =  Lisa Martin – Richard, Wayne & Roberts
19th PLACE =  Roger Reissig – Richard, Wayne & Roberts
20th PLACE =  Lindsay Poisel - Qualitec

Top Forty =  Kristi Pickett – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Steven Hadnot – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Kelly Thomas – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Anna Colosimo – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  John Martinez – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Stephanie Johnson – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Susan Benson – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Robin Payne – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Denise Miller – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Gary Tanner – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

Top Forty =  Gayle Tapps - Nearterm


Administrative Support
April McDonald – Burnett Specialists

Technical Professional
Stacie Beaujeaux – Richard, Wayne & Roberts

***Individuals and Teams with a Per Desk Average of over than $1,000,000 in Direct Hire and Total Gross Margin in 2016 earned a place in the Million Dollar Club and received a Blue Logo pin.
** Individuals and Teams with a Per Desk Average of over than $500,000 in Direct Hire and Total Gross Margin in 2016 earned a place in the Half Million Dollar Club and received a Red Logo pin.
* Individuals and Teams with a Per Desk Average of over than $250,000 in Direct Hire and Total Gross Margin in 2016 earned a place in the Quarter Million Dollar Club and received a White Logo Pin


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